Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of the dish set?

    Our dish sets are 20-5/8” wide. It is also 8-5/8” from the wall to the front and has a 7” vertical height. Add link to the dimensions.

  • How low can the dishes be mounted to the wall?

    Our 2 cup dishes can be mounted within 2-1/2” from the floor. This assumes that there is no floor molding and that both bowls are 2 cups. Our website has more detailed information under the assembly instructions.

  • Do the bowls come out for cleaning?

    The bowls lift out for easy cleaning and they are dishwasher safe. The tray also slides out from the backsplash so that it easily fits in the dishwasher too.

  • My dog eats too fast, what would you recommend to slow them down with this dish set?

    Our vets recommend adding an equal amount of water to the kibble. This will slow down the eating, aid in digestion and add more water to the diet. This has slowed down both of my fur babies while eating and helped them greatly.

  • Do Kitchen Dog dish sets use materials that contain BPA?

    No, we do not use material that contains BPA. Our dish material is also FDA compliant.

  • What is the 60-day money back guarantee?

    Our 60-day money back guarantee assures you that you’ll be happy with your purchase or simply return it for a full refund; If any part of your dish set fails within one year, simply contact us for a new replacement part. Does not cover normal wear, scratches, or damage caused by abuse.

  • Can I use this for my cats?

    Absolutely. Kitchen Dog dish 2 cup dishes are perfect for cats. The shallow depth and wide mouth eliminating broken whiskers from feeding.

  • Does this really help reduce pain associated with eating off the floor?

    Yes, by reducing the distance your fur baby has to stretch, it will reduce their pain. This was pointed out by veterinarians.

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    Orders that are received by 4 p.m. ET Monday -Friday ship the same day unless otherwise noted. Orders placed after 4 p.m. ET ship the following business day. All orders received Saturday or Sunday are shipped the following business day. After shipping orders should arrive within 2-5 business days depending on your location. All orders are shipped from Michigan, shipping to a PO Box, Alaska, or Hawaii, it may take longer to be shipped and to arrive.

  • What if my order is damaged or defective when received?

    Kitchen Dog will replace the damaged or defective parts free of charge. Contact us at 833-K9DISHES or send an email to to report the problem.

  • I need my dish set now, how can I get pick up a dish set quickly?

    Kitchen Dog dish sets are sold in select retail stores, please click here to find a location near you.