How Kitchen Dog Can Improve Your Pet’s Joint and Digestive Health


There are many things I’ve learned from being a dog mom, but one of the most surprising by far is the reality of how difficult finding the right food/water dishes actually is. You’d think it would be as simple as running into the store, finding two dishes that are capable of holding dry food and a bit of water, and VOILA! You’re done. In truth, it could be that simple, but Kitchen Dog asks a question that could convince you to reconsider. “Would you let your best friend eat off the floor?”

Much like humans, canines have a certain feeding position that reduces stress on joints and improves digestion. If you haven’t already guessed, the typical dishes that you place on the floor DO NOT support this healthier position. That’s why Kitchen Dog has made it their mission to bring loving pet owners only the best and highest quality feeding system available.

If your pets eat and drink (as most do), here’s why you may want to consider switching over to Kitchen Dog and some of the things I’ve personally enjoyed the most about my own!

What is Kitchen Dog and How Does It Work?

Kitchen Dog is a brand new pet product that provides a slew of benefits for dogs and other pets at mealtime. Their completely customizable pet dish set comes in five different sizes and several attractive colors. Plus, they can be easily mounted to any wall and positioned to accommodate your pet’s ideal feeding position.

Need a visual representation? Here’s a quick video to better illustrate exactly how Kitchen Dog works!

The Benefits of Using Kitchen Dog

Aside from a completely customizable design, what else makes a Kitchen Dog set stand out from the rest? Here are even more benefits that both you and your pets will both notice and love:

  • The ability to fit your dog’s ideal feeding position will promote healthier eating and less stress on the joints, making it ideal for dogs prone for joint issues, older animals, and larger dogs.
  • Since the dishes are mounted into the wall, you can say goodbye to messes and tripping hazards. No more accidental kicking or spills! Plus, the elevated dishes allow you to easily mop or sweep the feeding area without bending over to pick up bowls.
  • All parts of a Kitchen Dog dish set are dishwasher safe! All materials are also U.S. certified and BPA-free.

How to Customize Your Pet’s Kitchen Dog Set

When customizing your Kitchen Dog set on the website, you’ll immediately start by picking your first dish’s size and color. Size choices include:

  • Gallon
  • 8 cup
  • 6 cup
  • 4 cup
  • 2 cup

You will also have your choice of either black, white, brown, gray, or pink. Then you will repeat the same steps for Dish 2.

The wonderful thing about Kitchen Dog is no two dishes have to be the same. If you have a dog that drinks barrels of water in a day but only six cups of food at a time, you have the freedom to choose a larger bowl for water and a smaller dish specifically for food. Plus, they can even come in two different colors if that will suit your fancy!

Once you’ve chosen the sizes and colors for your dishes, it’s time to decide on the Backsplash and Tray. You won’t have to choose a size for this step, but you can select a color that perfectly complements the bowls you just customized AND your kitchen!

At the end, just opt-in or out of including an additional set of dishes for just $7.50 and you’re done! Yup! It’s that simple!

How to Install a Kitchen Dog Set

When your Kitchen Dog set arrives, you’ll find the Installation Instructions in the box. This process only takes five steps and can be done in approximately 10-15 minutes. However, if you’re an oaf with a screwdriver, like myself, it will take just a bit a little longer. Luckily, the instructions were easy to follow and I had someone around to help.

For additional instruction, check out this video to learn the proper way to install your Kitchen Dog set.

How to Order Pet’s New Kitchen Dog Set Today

If you’re ready to improve your pet’s overall health and make the switch to Kitchen Dog, it’s very easy to visit their website and begin the customization process from there! As you shop, be sure to check out their apparel and replacement parts. Remember, Kitchen Dog can be used for other pets too, including cats and birds. If your canine companion enjoys their new dish set, it’s absolutely possible to order them for your other pets, as well!