5 Safety Benefits of Wall Mounted Pet Bowls

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5 Safety Benefits of Wall Mounted Pet Bowls

By JC McDowell

Wall-mounted pet bowls are becoming more popular not only because of the health benefits for your pet, but also the safety benefits for your home. Dogs are especially known for pushing their dog dishes around and even carrying them to different parts of the house with their mouths. They spill their water, knock over their food bowls, and relocate them to unsuspecting places. The pet bowls become a tripping hazard and a pest magnet.

Elevated, wall-mounted dog bowls and cat bowls contain your pet’s feeding area, making it safer and easier to clean. Elderly pet owners also greatly benefit from not having to bend over as far to refill or clean wall mounted pet dishes.

  1. No More Tripping

Many dog owners buy elevated dog bowls to improve their dog’s eating experience only to have them knock over the entire set up. Most dogs get excited when they eat, and they can’t help but push on their dishes with their noses or paws. With wall mounted dog bowls, your dog can excitedly eat without pushing the dish around the floor, leaving it where you or a loved one can easily trip over it.

  1. Reduces Mess

Dogs are messy eaters; there’s just no getting around that. But you can greatly reduce the amount of mess your dog makes while eating by containing their feeding area. Dogs can not use their paws or their snouts to tip over wall mounted dog bowls. So, all your left with is the minimal mess from water that splashes out when they are lapping it up or the few dog food bits that escape their hungry jowls. And you’ll find that your dog is a much cleaner eater when their bowls are positioned at the correct height for their size.

  1. Less Bending Over

Elderly dog owners or pet owners with disabilities may find it difficult to pick up pet bowls from the floor. On top of reducing slippery messes, wall mounted dog bowls can help prevent an elderly owner from falling when trying to care for their pet. It’s no wonder that many concerned adults install wall mounted pet bowls for their aging parents.

  1. Keeps Pests Out

Many pet owners are surprised at how many pests can be deterred simply by elevating their dog dishes. Even though ants and cockroaches are capable of scaling a wall to reach elevated food, they rarely do. The reason is unknown, but the benefit still stands: wall mounted dog bowls reduce the occurrence of pests getting into your dog or cat’s food.

  1. Less Germs

Less mess and less pests mean less germs. Not to mention, it’s simply easier to clean pet feeders that are not on the ground. Some wall mounted pet feeders, like our Kitchen Dog systems, can be quickly and completely removed from the wall to be cleaned. Kitchen Dog wall-mounted holders and dog bowls are even dishwasher safe.

Watch our video on how easy-to-clean Kitchen Dog’s wall mounted dish system is and learn more at KitchenDog.com. Cats are welcome too!