Why Kitchen Dog?

  • No More Tripping Hazards

    Kitchen Dog dish sets are easily mounted to the wall eliminating accidental kicking or pets dumping their food and water bowls.

  • Healthier Feeding Position

    Kitchen Dog dish sets improve and promote a healthier feeding position which reduces stress on joints and improves digestion by making swallowing easier. Great for pets with back, neck or arthritis pain.

  • Dishwasher SAFE

    Kitchen Dog dish sets can be easily removed from the wall and the entire dish set is 100% dishwasher safe. All materials used are U.S Certified and BPA Free.

  • No More Messes

    Feeding area is easier to clean, simply sweep or mop under your Kitchen Dog dish set without bending over to pick up bowls.

  • Customized for ANY size pet – Not just for Dogs

    You can mount your Kitchen Dog dish set at any height, allowing your elevated feeder to be at the ACCURATE height for any size pet.

    Kitchen Dog dish 2 cup dishes are perfect for cats. The shallow depth and wide mouth eliminates broken whiskers from feeding.