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Origin of KitchenDog

It all started with a dog…

In April 2008, I was finally ready for my new family member. It didn’t take long to find Nancy at the Michigan Humane Society in Westland, MI. Walking into the shelter I found my new partner in crime a Chow/Cattle Dog X– pure black with a speckled purple tongue, a curly tail, and the sweetest demeanor of any dog there. My hearts made the decision for me, she was coming home with a brand new name: Nikita.

Nikita settled in quickly, guarding the house, and stealing everyones hearts. My first fur baby was stubborn, smart, and loyal, and we shared an incredible bond. The one thing she loved more than me? Doggie treats and people food. She always volunteered herself for kitchen duty, supervising our cooking activity and making sure the floors stayed clean. During Thanksgiving one year, my cousin John nicknamed her “Kitchen Dog” and it stuck.

Unfortunately, Nikita was dealt a bum hand and dealt with a few health issues. She had a sensitive stomach and a wheezy cough that would cause her to gag. After many vet trips and intensive tests, we figured out a restricted diet would help her stomach, but it what about her wheezing? One of the veterinarians suggested that I raise her food dish off the floor, since her cough may have been caused by a problem called megaesophagus. In megaesophagus, the esophagus is stretched or weakened, and unable to properly move food. An elevated bowl lets gravity help with swallowing.

With the recession and vet bills, my budget was pretty limited. We had to get creative… To save money, I devised a system to mount the bowls to the wall. I used the bowls we already had and some 1 x 12 wood in the garage. With some help, my idea went from concept to reality in just a few hours. In another day, I had the bowl holder mounted on the wall and in use.

While Nikita’s cough was eventually diagnosed as bronchitis, we kept the mounted feeders because we discovered they just plain made life easier. No more scattered kibble or spilled water bowls!
Many visitors complimented me on the dish holder over the years. With a little brainstorming, I was able to come up with the affordable, easy-to-use design we have today and Kitchen Dog, Inc was born. While I’m grateful to my friends and family for helping me along the way, it was my little angel Nikita that deserves the most credit.

Nikita passed away just before her 7th birthday. I still miss her, but also feel lucky that I had her as part of my life. Kitchen Dog products are her legacy, designed to keep your fur babies happy and healthy.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for reading this story.

Terry Kasper
Kitchen Dog, Inc.

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